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He was there physically, but not mentally.

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I guess it really worked for you.

We don't know Matt.

The swimmers were numb with cold.

He doesn't like baseball or soccer.

Emi looks happy.

I know that you are a teacher.

How much grass does a buffalo eat per day?

I think my leg is broken.

Sugih isn't naive.

I seem to have overdone it.

She didn't want anyone to flatter her.


How do you form the plural of nouns?

I saw her doing it.

Per is a regular.

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I manage to get along on a small salary.

Lend your money and lose your friend.

Are you sure you don't know Jingbai?

It's beautiful here.

You could hurt yourself.

He was convicted on trumped up charges.

He left his umbrella on the bus.

Gerald did come over that night.

We arrived at the lake just before sunset.


Violin, piano and harp are musical instruments.

Presley has always survived.

We need it all.

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If something is good, then more of it must be better.

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"That's a woman's job," said Horst.

There was a large crowd there.

I'll try my best to look after your house while you're away.

I'm helping him out.

If one plants an oak, it is futile to hope to soon be able to take cover under its leaves.

I was about to have dinner when she called me.

I've washed the car.

You seem pretty certain that Jesper won't be here.

I tried to leave, but Jennie wouldn't let me go.

When Achilles would draw his sword to slay Agamemnon, Athena, invisible to all else, holds him back by a lock of hair. Here Homer shows us the gods as the psychology of ancient Greece.

I met your father yesterday.

Dad often works late, and Mom complains a lot.

If you want or need any help, let me know! I'll be glad to help!


I stopped listening to the radio.

A solution had to be found.

At any rate, we have to finish this chapter before we can start on the next.

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Margot met a ballerina in Germany.

The date and place of the meeting have been fixed.

I'm so glad you decided to come.

You're working hard, eh. But don't push yourself too hard.

At last, I managed to find him.

I could sure use your advice.

You're the only one who didn't understand the irony of what I said.

Do you really think I'm going to forget you?

Don't compare yourself to them.

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This skirt hangs nicely.


I have a surprise for you.

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I like walking.

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For that reason the outcome of the primary nursing care requirement authorization has to relate to the amount of nursing care required.

Clyde accidentally shot himself in the foot.

Marcos is full of good intentions.

Did anybody see Vick leave?

I am very much in love with her!

My friends stood by me during the process.

I need that information now.


The bison is the national mammal of the United States.

He gives meat to the dog.

This was more difficult than I thought it would be.


Srinivas has problems.

She's rolling in money.

You're destined for something else.

I wonder if exchange students can join this club.

Please give me leave to go home.

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You only live once.

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Knudsen used to be reliable.


I've never stolen anything in my life.

The first item on the programm is...

He whose face gives no light, shall never become a star.

This is the first time I've ever started the engine.

Stay out of it.


Guillermo's youngest daughter is the apple of his eye.

I'm never going to be able to do this.

I'll let you in on a secret.

The male peacock has colorful tail feathers.

He really likes English.


A change is as good as a holiday.

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I've lost a very close friend.

I saw at a glance that he was an ordinary man.

Didn't you know that the east Asian New Year is today?

Your room's ready.

You can play outside if you want to.

We don't know what Rahul said.

The hut kept the rain and dew out after a fashion.

You are sloth!

No wonder we associate bats with dark places.


I want to know who threw the first punch.

I want to be there with Aaron.

How about having a barbecue party next Sunday?

He pretended to be an Englishman, but his foreign accent gave him away.

How does tomorrow evening sound to you, say at nine?

I walk a lot.

You may see Scot there.

I dare say he is innocent.

I told Karl everything.


I think we can relax now.

We could not convince her of her mistakes.

What if the rainy season should set in tomorrow.


Please don't call me that.

I was trying to help them.

My father goes jogging every morning.

We can do it right now.

Cops are everywhere.

Jelske wasn't the one who started the fight.

As is evident from the data, smoking is not decreasing among the young.

You don't always have to tell the truth, but it's usually better if you do.

My eyes are itchy.


Grant wanted to cut the supply lines between the two cities.

I would describe his level as beginning or intermediate rather than advanced.

He never saw Luis again.

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He expanded his research.

I don't smoke them.

After slapping Sanjeev, Niels ran out of the room.

She lives with her dad.

Racist people are ignorant.

A cow cannot jump from the tree like a unicorn.

Kevan would've been able to do it.

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His successors slowly undid his popular economic reforms.

Do your homework without delay.

Ondoy and his companion go downtown.


I went to that party.

Brent has agreed to our proposal.

Will you help me with my homework?

We look forward to receiving your prompt reply.

It's my fault that you were fired.

I hope they find Sassan.

Why aren't you giving Keith the help he needs?


Is that why you won't help them?


I was relaxed.

Tanaka has all but given up.

Esperanto changes the problem, because one can learn Esperanto as well as his mother tongue -- and perhaps even better than it.

The plate slipped from my hands because it was wet.

I wrote Sundaresan a letter.

Francois put her head on Brandi's shoulder.

You're not looking at the whole picture.

Of course, I didn't tell her.

Whatever you need to talk about, if I will do, I'll answer with loving care.


That still won't be enough.

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They all want to know what happened.

Land reform caused a great change in the lives of the people.

Nou just wanted to earn a little more money.

Sridhar was framed.

I want to tell her.

Everyone is talking about us.

Roxanne is very helpful.

I don't like modern films.

Sales are down now.


Stay with Eli now.

Pablo was not born blind.

The train slowed and blared its horn as it approached the railway crossing.


I am Ji Sung Park.

Why don't you wait here while I finish what I'm doing?

There's something I have to tell you.

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I'm trying to be practical here.

You're a bookworm.

What does Jess have in mind?


The most painful thing for a mother is having to bury her own child.